OSB election 2021

Ophthalmological Society of Bangladesh (OSB) is renown organization of Eye specialists of Bangladesh.  Its activities’ are below:

  • Stimulation and guidance of the voluntary campaign in control and cure of eye diseases.
  • International co-operation, allocation and use of foreign aid solicitation and distribution of grants-in-aid, received from the Government or national social welfare organization.
  • Participation in International Conference & Seminars on Ophthalmology
  • Arranging Post-Graduate Training at home and abroad for doctors, nurses, health visitors, technicians, Social Workers etc. in the field of Ophthalmology.
  • Stimulating Governmental efforts in the official campaigns for the control and treatment of Eye diseases.
  • Oranising the Ophthalmological Conferences annually and special seminars on Ophthalmology in Bangladesh.
  • Endeavouring to raise and improve the standard of undergraduate and post-graduate teaching in the subject of Ophthalmology and allied conditions.
  • Laying down of standards for the staffing, equipments, services and maintenance of various types of ophthalmic institution e.g. Eye hospitals, Ophthalmic dept. of general Hospitals, Eye Clinics, Rehabilitation centres for blinds etc.
  • To do any or all such acts as will help to further and achieve the objects for which society is established.
  • To establish branches throughout the country.
  • To borrow or raise money in such manner as the society think fit and collect subscriptions and donations for the purpose of the Society.
  • To invest-any money of the society not immediately required for any of its objects in such manner as may from time to time to be determined by the Society.
  • Assist, subscribe to or co-operate or affiliate or be affiliated to or amalgamate with any other public body whether incorporated or registered having altogether or in part objects similar to those of the society.
  • Do all such other lawful acts and things as may be conductive for the promotion of the aims and objects of the society.
  • Establish an Academy of Ophthalmology in Bangladesh. The Executive Committee of the Society shall accomplish the job on behalf of the society and shall continue to support the activities and progress of BAO by organising the new Executive Council of BAO every two years as per amended constitution of BAO.
  • To establish a centre of excellence for eye care services, training for the ophthalmologist and research on ophthalmic science etc. for the benefit of the people of Bangladesh.
  • To be included in National Eye Care Plan and to develop ethical and moral values.