The name of the academy shall be “Bangladesh Academy of Ophthalmology”. It is established as per provision of the Constitution of Ophthalmological Society of Bangladesh (OSB) Article V (O) and as per decision of the Annual General Meeting of OSB on 17.01.1991 & 31.03.1993

Aims & objects of the Academy:

(a) To improve the standard of teaching and training in the subject of Ophthalmology.

(b)     To arrange post graduate training at home and abroad for doctors and health workers in the field of ophthalmology.

(c)     To stimulate government efforts in the field of teaching and training of doctors and health workers in the field of Ophthalmology.

(d)     To lay down standard for the staffing, equipment, service and maintenance of various types of Ophthalmic Institutions e.g. Eye Hospital, Ophthalmic Department of Medical colleges, Post Graduate Institutions and General Hospital, Eye Clinics, Rehabilitation centers for blind etc.

(e)     To participate in international conference and seminars on ophthalmology and allied subject and organize some conference and seminars within the country.

(f)      To stimulate Continuing Medical Education (CME) in ophthalmology among the ophthalmologist of Bangladesh.

(g)     To published Journal on research related to Ophthalmic field.

(h)     To do any or all such acts as will help to further and achieve the objects for which the Academy is established.